The art of contract logistics

Every customer has a unique DNA, and it’s the job of our contract logistics experts to map and match it -- designing a custom set of services as individual as you are.

This is more than technology and project management – important though they are. This is art -- the art of contract logistics.

Standard products and solutions will take your business so far. But to move beyond these artificial limits you need inspired thinking. 

Help us to  understand where you are, and where you want to be. Work with us to transform your logistics challenges into true competitive advantage.


CL Warehousing

We combine warehousing of goods with intelligent transport solutions and a broad range of various value-added services. A worldwide uniform information system ensures seamless information exchange.

Tailored to your business, we provide different warehouse logistics solutions for you.

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In-house Logistics

In-house logistics

We also offer extensive logistics services directly at your production facility such as receiving, re-packing, repair and shipping to other production sites.

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Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics of Kuehne + Nagel cover transports from production-relevant goods directly to the production site, to a storage facility or to another site for further processing. This service also includes the complete goods handling at destination.

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Outbound Logistics

Outbound Logistics

By means of the most modern information systems, we analyze and optimize your outbound logistics processes. Goods consolidation, strategic transshipment locations as well as economic transport solutions improve your efficiency.

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Packaging Processes and Solutions

Packaging Solutions

Assembly, packing and packaging challenges? We have them covered.

We’ve bundled up the entire range of pre-retail solutions, including preparation of goods for launches, marketing campaigns, promotions. Standard or customised for your local market needs.

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Returning Logistics

Returning Services

Kuehne + Nagel Returning is part of Kuehne + Nagel Logistics B.V. and is specialized in (sustainable) returning logistics. We can take care of the returning flows of supermarkets, and our aim is to manage the logistical part of our customers. This way,our customers can focus fully on their core activities.

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Innovation Centres

Contract Logistics Innovation Center

What’s the big idea? Work with us, and we’ll tell you – or help you find it.
Kuehne + Nagel’s Contract Logistics innovation centres, located in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Singapore, are the brains of our contract logistics organisation. The tougher the challenge, the bigger the excitement for our innovation specialists, and the smarter the solution is likely to be.