Adequate packaging solutions as an integral part of modern supply chains.

The backbone of our packaging solution is our in-house packaging expert company Cargopack in Germany. The company solely focuses on the development, design and execution of packaging concepts. This professional knowledge combined with Kuehne + Nagel’s global footprint enables us to deliver high quality packaging solutions on a global scale.

Nulogy PackManager®:  END-to-END Contract Packaging Software for real-time information

In today’s world, real-time information is a must-have. It allows you to lead, adapt, deliver and improve workflows and service quality instantly and continuously according to the changing needs of your customers.

In Veghel and Tiel, Kuehne + Nagel works with a new, state-of-the-art contract packaging software. It provides the transparency needed to streamline the whole end-to-end co-packing supply chain operation. Learn more about Kuehne + Nagel’s innovative one-stop shop complete solution package for value-added services operations.

Benefits of professional packaging

Product Protection - Professional packaging protects goods and materials from damage, loss, corrosion and theft.

Cost Reduction - Professional packaging solutions are a key element for cost reductions - e.g. lower packaging material consumption, better transport utilization and reduced damages.

Branding - Professional packaging solutions help to brand products throughout the supply chain: from production to the final point of sale.

Sustainability - Professional packaging solutions help to preserve our environment by responsible use of raw materials and introduction of innovative and environmentally sound concepts.

Our packaging solution centre offers 9 different products enabling us to design solutions tailored to your requirements. For each of the products we have in-house experts. They bring in their vast experience to ensure the success of your project - from the design of the packaging to the final delivery of your freight.

Packaging solutions

  • Wood packaging
  • Paperboard packaging(Sea)
  • Container packaging
  • Corrosion packaging
  • Plastic packaging
  • CKD packaging
  • Dangerous Goods packaging
  • (Air) Temperature controlled packaging
  • Returnable packaging

For information on how Kuehne + Nagel can help with your requirements, please contact us.