We can offer various services, ranging from the rental of several items, to washing, sorting and storage of packaging material.

All services that are included in the Returning concept are conducted in our four distribution centres. The distribution centres form an important link in the supply chain. Here, the returnable transport items from the supermarkets come together, packaging is sorted, cleaned and is made available again for the suppliers. Services range from highly efficient standardised solutions to customer specific tailor-made solutions. Each distribution centre processes 500 trucks daily with returns, such as roll cages, rollies, dollies, CBL crates, waste and pallets. It is no wonder why the distribution centres are at the center of our total solution "Returning".

Our services


This solution is included in our package of services within the Returning concept. The sorting of returnable transport items is conducted at Kuehne + Nagel using the latest technology. The process is highly automated to ensure speed and accuracy. We are able to manage a pool/stock of returnable transport items efficiently using our highly sophisticated information systems. The pool/stock of returnable transport items will always be 'healthy' without the need for the pool/stock holder to make any additional transport movements.


Our distribution centres are equipped with modern and technologically advanced washing machines/robots. There is always sufficient washing capacity to ensure that crates and plastic pallets are washed and can be collected continuously. Washing takes place in accordance with the highest standards and regulations. This approach guarantees that Kuehne + Nagel can offer the highest service levels in washing packaging with a competitive pricing structure.


Turnovers can fluctuate during the year and therefore also the demand for packaging material. We offer you the possibility to inexpensively store packaging that is temporarily not needed. When you request to collect the packaging again, it will be made available immediately.


When you have a shortage of packaging material, we are able to provide you with additional material. Based on the actual additional use, we can offer crates and/or plastic pallets for short and medium term periods with minimum additional costs. More information about availability and our rental options can been found at 'Rental´.


Your packaging assets may be spread over several locations in the Netherlands. In consultation with one of our team members you can pick up your assets at one of the Kuehne + Nagel locations whenever you like, any time. Kuehne + Nagel can also make deliveries and pick-ups of your assets on your behalf also with our own transportation.

Efficiency in transportation avoids wastage - empty truck miles. As a result of this, Kuehne + Nagel has partnered and operates with several major logistics service providers to create an efficient transport network in order to reduce wastage. This way, we can reduce operational costs and reduce our impact on the environment, allowing us to conduct our business in a more sustainable way.


It is possible for you or us to collect/drop-off your assets at your preferred locations. Assets can be provided on demand when and where you need them, therefore enabling you to have more flexibility in your supply chain. This will increase the efficiency in transportation with minimal remuneration.


With the help of a web based system, we can take control of managing and the registration of packaging movements. This will relieve you from your daily administrative work. You will receive a login code for the online web view in order to check your transactions and real-time balance. It is also possible for you to add the packaging movements of your suppliers in order to create a fully transparent supply chain.


If you have specific requirements regarding the quality of your packaging materials, we can offer you various services in the field of quality control and repair. We execute these services from our distributions centres to prevent unnecessary external controls by the relevant pool managers. This will avoid unnecessary transportation.


As the final step in the process, Kuehne + Nagel can take care of your waste. We provide solutions for processing cardboard, plastics and waste. By executing these activities in our distribution centres, we are able to guarantee you the most efficient 'green' solution and enable you to reduce your costs.

Your benefits

Industry Know-How

Work with one of the world's leading forwarders and logistics service providers, acting as a strategic partner for many of the major retailers and shippers in Europe. Over the years, Kuehne + Nagel has accumulated extensive experience within the Fast Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG) and Retail sectors providing invaluable expertise.

Reduce costs

Our services aim to create efficiencies for your business and deliver cost saving results. We drive optimisation in your supply chain by using the most innovative solutions, technology and supply chain engineering. Huge throughput volumes at the distribution centres create economies of scale that only a large service provider like Kuehne + Nagel can achieve and these cost reductions are passed onto clients.

Improve availability

Highly advanced sorting and washing robotic technology operating around the clock makes sure that there are RTI (Returnable Transport Items) available always without delay. With Avalanche Webview, our web-based system you can view crate availability in real-time allowing you to better plan and organise your operations.

Focus on your Core Business

A lack of focus leads to scattered resources and bad business execution. Devote time, energy and money to better serve your customers and let us take care of non-core business items such as logistics. You can rest assured with Kuehne + Nagel your logical needs are in safe hands, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best - running your business.