Intermodal is the combination of all transport modes (Truck / Rail / Barge), by using their specific advantages, cost-wise and service-wise. In these times when customers are looking for cost reduction, efficiency, enhancements for their growing markets or when they have to deal with congested roads and ports, Inter-modality becomes more and more important to provide them with guaranteed services and capacities at reasonable prices.

Our services

  • Innovative (green) solutions such as combining the transport modes Barge and Rail (for the first leg & greater distance) with the transport mode Truck for the final delivery for the last few miles. Approximately 50 % of all movements use the green solutions.
  • Dedicated subcontractors for high demand customers.
  • Consulting services for complex intermodal supply chain solutions.
  • Direct EDI connections with our mayor subcontractors to reduce the number of human errors and to increase the efficiency.
  • Combining and reloading of containers.
  • Pro-active solution finding in case of unexpected events.

Your benefits

  • Better service towards place of origin/destination; causing no extra delays from Rotterdam by truck
  • More flexibility in planning because we make use of an inland terminal
  • Transport by barge is usually cheaper than transport by truck
  • Reduction of CO2 emission because transport by barge is usually more environmental friendly than transport by truck

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