Kuehne + Nagel understands the unique logistics challenges faced by the forest products industry:

  • Distribution networks have been expanded into more distant markets around the world.
  • Delivery times have shortened, customer expectations for punctuality have risen.
  • The need for instant and accessible transport information has grown.

Our flexible and streamlined logistics solutions eliminate bottlenecks in your forestry imports and exports. Through our relations with the main shipping carriers we offer competitive and cost-efficient sea transport.

We provide multi-modal solutions giving you connections by barge, road and rail across Europe. All are solutions are built with a sustainability aspect, therefore reducing your impact on the environment. Lastly our expert teams with industry knowledge will ensure your goods are transported with the upmost care, in the most efficient way possible.

Our Services

Forest Products

  • Timber & Lumber – logs, sawn timber etc, plus basic raw materials of the tree
  • Wooden Products - plywood, MDF, flooring, decking, pellets, including wood items where there is some further element of processing/manufacturing
  • Fertilizers, soil and substrates

Recycled Products – also known as SRM or Secondary Recycled Materials

  • Pulp & Paper – commonly seen for shipping as copy paper, tissue, cartonboard, newsprint on reels, baled pulp, labels, food-packaging etc.
  • Plastic – plastic products such as bottles and other packaging
  • Metal – both new and scrap metal

Your Benefits

  • Dedicated industry specialists can provide you with common sense solutions. Our local industry knowledge and contacts will find you the best deal.
  • Our global network ensures wherever your forestry/waste products are going they will always end up in the right place, in the right hands. Local staff jump in when needed to ensure problems are dealt with promptly.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.