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Are you an active importer or exporter of goods in to or out of the European Union and you would like to outsource your customs activities to a customs representative?

According to the Union Customs Code UCC, you can assign a customs representative established in the EU to execute the customs activities and paperwork required by the EU customs legislation. Such representation may be direct or indirect.

  • In case of a direct representation, the customs representative acts in the name and on behalf of the represented party. The represented party in most cases is the importer or exporter and liable for all customs debt.
  • In case of indirect representation, the customs representative acts in its own name but on behalf of the represented party. Consequently, the customs representative itself together with his client are jointly and severally liable for customs debts.

Generally, the most customs representatives within the EU act as direct representatives. To act as your direct customs representative, please download and print the enclosed “Power of Attorney” on your letterhead to authorize Kuehne+ Nagel B.V. and N.V. to submit your export and/or import declarations on your behalf.

Once you have downloaded, printed on your company's letterhead, completed and signed your Power of Attorney please email it back to us. It will then be dealt with by one of our dedicated Customs team.

IMPORTANT - We will not be able to process the collections and/or deliveries of your freight without the signed Power of Attorney, which may lead to delays in your transit times and incur additional costs.

Please download Power of Attorney template (in English) at the bottom of this page.