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Back Special Services – inventive response for special assignments with special attention.

Our Special Services staff will translate your wishes and requirements into tailor-made operational instructions for your consignments.

Do your shipments have odd sizes or do they require courier / urgent delivery? That is where our Special Services department thrives. In full consultation with you as customer, we'll deliver tailer made shipments.

Your consignments are tracked second by second, from acceptance to final delivery, by advanced tracking & tracing in our integrated Transport and Warehouse Management Systems. The total coordination of the logistic process is carried out by our Special Services department. Your regular contact is kept constantly updated on all the ins and outs. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.  24/7: +31 313 483 764.

Courier Services

Should your confidential letter, package or a larger pallet shipment rushed to the place of destination? Within the Netherlands, Europe or overseas? Our specialists will gladly help you, so please contact us. We have an accurate international network of courier and parcel services. With our advanced tracking and tracing we follow you package pickup to delivery, from second to second. You are assured of optimal, professional service at a competitive price.

Project Logistics

Logistics projects demand special care, know-how and focus. Each project has its own dynamics and calls for specific expertise. At Kuehne+Nagel, the complete logistics process is in good hands. When choosing the means of transport, the goods that have to be transported are taken into account. We focuses on a safe and timely delivery in the best possible economical way. Since each project is unique, they all request a custom-made transport plan.

This is what project logistics means for you:

  • Competitive rates specifically developed for your logistics projects
  • Determination of the most suitable transport method
  • Identifying the local conditions, requirements and formalities
  • Customs clearance
  • 24/7 availability